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Searching for “smartphone repair near me?” You’re lucky you landed on our site! Repair Genius is your one-stop smartphone repair shop. Our technicians can handle all types of smartphones and related repairs. If you’re in need of any kind of smartphone repair, then come by and see us or contact our experts today. No job is too large or too small. Our mission is to repair your device quickly, cost-effectively and right the first time. If you’re thinking about throwing out that broken device, don’t bother with other smartphone repair stores, call us first!

Smartphone Repair for All Popular Models

We can diagnose and repair the following smartphone brands:

• Samsung
• LG
• Google Nexus
• Motorola
• Apple

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We can help with the following types of problems and more:
• Screen replacement/Cracked screen repair
• Battery replacement
• Glass screen repair
• Port repair/replacement
• Headphone jack replacement
• Camera Repairs

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If you’re concerned about your smartphone screen repair cost or any the cost for any other type smartphone repair, call or come in. We offer a FREE diagnostic. In many cases, it makes much better financial and environmental sense to repair your current device than to scrap and replace it.
More information on the two most common types of smartphone repair:
Water Damage
When your smartphone takes on water damage, there could be a number of problem components. Some potentially damaged components are easy to replace and replacing them will get your phone running like new. Examples include the battery, home button, screen, charging port or headphones jack. Other types of damage can’t be fixed. If your smartphone experienced a short in the motherboard, your device might be beyond repair.

As you can see, examining your device and diagnosing the issue can get pretty complicated. Don’t trust your valued smartphone to just any repair company and definitely don’t try to fix it yourself!

Smartphone Screen Repair/Cracked Screen/Broken Glass

Many manufacturers use Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass, made by Corning, is a toughened glass manufactured to be lightweight, thin and resistant to breakage. Once damaged, your phone screen repair could be simple or more complex. In any case, you should bring your device by the store and let us take a look.

First, the impact to the operability of your device can depend on whether the damage happened to the front glass or the back glass. You may be able to live with a straight line crack through the glass on the back of your phone, but you could actually be doing damage you’re not aware of. Any kind of breach in the front or back glass could render your phone vulnerable to moisture damage.

Second, there are a number of different levels of glass breakage which we’ve all seen. Again, a single, straight line fracture to the front or back may not be the end of the world aesthetically, but the depth of the crack or break in the screen or glass cover could affect the device’s touch interface responsiveness, or it could reach all the way down to the LCD – an expensive and extremely fragile component of the device. Of course, you may have completely shattered your glass to the point you can no longer see what’s happening on your phone’s screen.

You may be tempted to buy one of those inexpensive fix-it-yourself kits on the Internet to save money. Don’t do it! Any attempted smartphone glass repair could brick your phone by damaging one of the fragile components under the glass. You should know that smartphones are complex electronic devices and there’s a lot you can unintentionally do to damage them. For example, what you may think of when we talk about a smartphone replacement screen is really 3 layers: the glass front, a digitizer attached to the glass and finally, an LCD.

One wrong jab with a screwdriver can render your cellphone useless. Don’t take the chance. There’s no risk for having us a take a look – with a free diagnosis and a lifetime warranty on repairs, you can’t lose.Don’t Trash That Smartphone – Let Us Repair It!

E-waste is the term used to describe the mountains of discarded electronic items piling up in landfills. The recycling industry reports that in the United States alone, over 400 million electronic devices end up in landfills every year! This number is likely to go up if we don’t change our habits soon.

At Repair Genius, we encourage you to have your device repaired – even if you intend on replacing it with a new one. There are many avenues for selling used smartphones, and many after-market sellers do business globally, operating in developing countries where repaired electronics give consumers access to affordable technology.

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If you’re in need of any kind of smartphone repair, then come by and see us or contact our experts today.
With a free diagnostic check, the guaranteed best price and a lifetime warranty on all our screen repairs, you have nothing to lose.

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