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All Your Computer Repair Service Needs in One Place

Repair Genius is more than an iPhone or iPad repair shop. We’re a full-service computer repair facility. Our technicians can handle all types of PC repair and laptop repair, as well as Computer Repair servicetablet repair issues. Our mission is to repair your computer quickly, cost-effectively and right the first time. If you’re thinking about throwing out that broken computer, call us first!

Worried you lost that research paper you’ve just spent the last month on? All of your sales contact information disappeared? In this day and age, almost everyone, from students, to employees and entrepreneurs, manages their lives and livelihoods from their computers, meaning that computer problems can be more emergent than other types of device failures. Computer problems and troubleshooting techniques can also be more complex than with smartphones or tablets.

Sure we can handle obvious repairs like computer screen repair, but we’re also experts at handling more complex problems such as virus removal, performance issues, hard drive repair and motherboard replacement, as well as being able to fix your tablet screen.

Computer Repair

You may not think about PC repair or laptop repair, but we do that too!

Our expert technicians have experience diagnosing and fixing all manufacturer types of computers, including Apple, Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba and Sony. If you don’t see your brand listed, give us a call.

Some of the issues we can help with include:

  • Performance issues

  • Viruses

  • Liquid damage

  • Port repair/replacement

  • Hard drives

  • Motherboards

If you’re laptop or PC just isn’t performing right and you’re not sure what the issue is, bring it in. We offer a free diagnosis.

Whether your go-to computing device is a PC, Mac, laptop or tablet, Repair Genius can help with these issues and more:

• Virus removal
• LCD screen repair
• Laptop replacement screens/laptop screen repair
• Tablet screen repair
• Computer troubleshooting
• iPad repair/Samsung tablet repair

Tips for Choosing a Computer Repair Company

Even if you purchased your computer from a big box retailer, many PC failures happen after the warranty has expired. If your laptop or PC is out of warranty, you should consider choosing a local repair shop close to home, rather than taking your computer back to the retailer. Many big box electronics retailers have partner relationships with specific manufacturers which drives repair decisions; whereas a local repair expert like Repair Genius maintains a constant focus on the best repair for your device and specific issue.

Speaking of local, many big box retailers send your PC, laptop or tablet somewhere far off for diagnosis and repair. Aside from adding weeks of time to the process, the remote nature of the job means there is seldom any dialogue between the repair facility and the customer. Often, the only communication you have about the problem you’re having is the initial report you give the clerk at the store. All too often, the clerk, strapped for time and unknowledgeable about computers, botches the report. Your computer, laptop, PC or tablet is then shipped out to an outsourced repair facility where assumptions are made based on incomplete information which they never bothered to confirm with the customer, or perform any kind of quality assurance check to ensure the problem is resolved.

If this sounds like a nightmare scenario, as well as a huge waste of time, then skip that mess and come straight to Repair Genius. Unlike big box retailers, we don’t charge any fee for diagnosing your computer and we do all work in-house, right here in Central Florida. We also guarantee all repairs to your satisfaction and offer a lifetime warranty on repairs. That means you get your PC or laptop back much quicker and the repair is done right!

The Scourge of Computer Viruses and Malware

As computer use becomes more ubiquitous among people of all ages and walks of life, the problem of cybercrime enacted by way of viruses and malware continues to grow. Despite this common and well-known threat, few people use virus protection on their PCs.

There are many reasons why cybercriminals create malware and viruses, from simply to prove a point to corporate or government entities, to more nefarious goals of stealing money or information. Of most concern to everyday home computer users are spyware programs designed to capture information input by users.
Such programs embed themselves on the user’s computer after the user unwittingly clicked a bad link in a bogus email or are directed to a fake website designed to look legitimate. Once embedded, the program can log keystrokes. That means cyber criminals can record and access passwords, account numbers. and even social security numbers since most people use their computers to conduct their banking business from home.

Even if you don’t use your PC to conduct sensitive business, more inert viruses can pose a plethora of performance issues for users. A few of the most common problems you may be experiencing due to infection by a computer virus include:

Slow performance – This one can be hard to pinpoint because performance can be based on a number of factors, such as how many programs you may be running at the same time, or the size of the file you may be using. The main point to keep in mind here is that if something seems amiss with your overall performance, bring your computer into us for a full FREE diagnostic.

Constant crashing – If your computer seems to crash more than normal, or if your computer crashes and restarts and then begins to exhibit performance issues after startup, it may be infected.

Unexpected or unusual error messages – You’re typing along and suddenly a pop-up appears warning that you have a virus and need to take immediate action by clicking. Don’t do it! Often times,
the click is what allows the virus to be embedded in your computer, or other times, an already-embedded virus needs the click-off to be activated.

Missing system files or folders – At first, you may think you’re losing your mind, but after a while, it will become apparent that files you’ve saved or folders you’ve created, and perhaps used regularly, just disappear into thin air. If you see this symptom, stop what you’re doing and bring your PC or laptop into us immediately!

There are many more symptoms your computer may demonstrate indicating an embedded virus, malware or spyware, so if you notice that it’s just not performing normally or if strange things seem to be happening, bring it into Repair Genius so we can scan and remove them before serious damage occurs.

Conveniently located in East Orlando and Winter Park offering quick, expert and socially conscious electronics repair as an alternative to replacement. We can get your device up and running, sometimes even while you wait.

Contact Us Today for All Your Computer Repair Needs or If you’re in need of any kind of PC repair, laptop repair or tablet repair – from replacement laptop screens to performance problems – then come by and see us or contact our experts today.