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Smart Phone Repair

Don’t panic! You came to the right place. In addition to cell phone repairs, we also fix tablets, game consoles, PCs and even TVs.
Cracked Screen? Water Damage? Xbox Acting Slow? PlayStation Dead? TV Picture Problems? PC Viruses? Repair Genius does that.

We don’t like to brag, but we’re really good at what we do. We’re a grade above other Cell phone repair companies. We’re the A Team of electronics repair and we’re really friendly too! We know how important your phone, PC, game console and TV are to you because we love them too! That’s why we’re always respectful of your budget and your time. We won’t be beat on price and we’ll fix it right the first time.

Orlando iPhone Repair

All types of iPhone repair,smartphone repair, tablet repair, game system repair, PC repair and TV repair we service all brands.

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Devices We Repair

Here’s a detailed list of the services we provide, this includes cracked iPhone glass repair, but not limited to cell phone, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, TVs and computers we repair. If you don’t see yours listed and you need water damage repair, cracked screen repair, battery replacement, Free performance diagnostics, and more, contact us today!

iPhone Repair:iphone repair near me

- 4/4s
- 5/5c/5s,
- 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus
- iPhone SE

Smartphone Repair:Samsung Galaxy Smartphone glass repair

- Samsung
- LG
- Nexus
- Motorola

Tablet Repair:Cracked ipad screen repair

- IPad 2
- IPad 3/4
- IPad Mini 1
- IPad Mini 2 Retina
- IPad Mini 3
- IPad Air
- IPad Air 2
- IPad Pro
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
- Amazon Kindle Fire
- Amazon Kindle Fire HD
- Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Game System Repair:Fix Game station

- Xbox 360
- Xbox One
- PlayStation 3
- PlayStation 4

PCs/Computers/Laptop Repair:Lap Top Repair Orlando

- Apple
- Dell
- HP
- Asus
- Acer
- Toshiba
- Sony

TV Repair:

- Toshiba
- Samsung
- LG
- Sharp
- Sony
- Vizio

More than a Electronics repair company, we offer expert electronics repair services for a wide-range of consumer products,iPhone cracked screen repair including smartphone repair, game console repair, tablet repair, computer repair, TV repair and more. Of course, we handle cracked screens and water damage, but we can also take care of general device maintenance and component replacement issues. Our expert technicians have broad experience with a number of brands, including Apple, Samsung, Amazon, LG, Sony, Dell, Acer, HP, Asus, Toshiba, Sharp, Sony and Vizio, just to name a few.
We also have a wide range of accessories for your smartphone or tablet in our store.

Here’s a quick list of the items we can fix for you. If you don’t see your broken product listed, look for the detailed product listing below.Call us to find out if we can help:

iPhone, Cell phone, Android, and other smartphone repairs

Other cell phone glass repair

iPad repair

Galaxy Tab repair

Xbox and PlayStation repair

PC and laptop repair

TV repair

If you’re experiencing any of these common problems or damages, call us or come by today:
Water Damage iPhone, So you dropped your cell phone or smartphone in the toilet. Believe it or not, this is one of the top ways in which cell phones/smart phones get damaged by water. Other ways: spilling drinks, dropped in the pool, dropped in the bathtub, etc. Water damage is a tricky repair, but there are some things you can do minimize the damage. First, obviously, remove the phone or table from the water as quickly as possible! Second, dry off any excess water (coffee, beer, etc.) immediately. Third, and most important, CALL US right away! The quicker we can check your device out, we offer a Free Diagnostic the better the chance we have of fixing your phone or tablet. Of course, gaming systems and TVs can also suffer from water damage via spills or weather.

When your IOS or Android device (smartphone or tablet) takes on water damage, there could be a number of problem components. Some potentially damaged components are easy to replace and replacing them will get your phone or tablet running like new. Examples include the battery, home button, screen, charging port or headphones jack. Other types of damage can’t be fixed. If your iPhone or tablet experienced a short in the motherboard, your device might be beyond repair.As you can see, examining your device and diagnosing the issue can get pretty complicated. Don’t trust your valued smartphone or tablet to just any Cell phone repair company and definitely, don’t try to fix it yourself!

Cracked Screen/Broken Glass

Both Apple and Samsung use Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass, made by Corning, is a toughened glass manufactured to be lightweight, thin and resistant to breakage. Whether you’ve dropped your iPhone or Samsung for the first time and were just unlucky, or you managed 10 drops before finally doing your smartphone in, your glass repair could be simple or more complex. In any case, you should bring your device or cell phone by the store and let us take a look we offer a Free diagnostic check.

First, the impact to the operability of your device can depend on whether the damage happened to the front glass or the back glass. You may be able to live with a straight line crack through the glass on the back of your phone, but you could actually be doing damage you’re not aware of. Some Samsung smartphones are manufactured to be water resistant. Any kind of breach in the front or back glass could render your phone vulnerable to moisture damage.

Second, there are a number of different levels of glass breakage which we’ve all seen. Again, a single, straight line fracture to the front or back may not be the end of the world aesthetically, but the depth of the crack or break in the screen or glass cover could affect the device’s touch interface responsiveness, or it could reach all the way down to the LCD – an expensive and extremely fragile component of the smartphone or tablet. Of course, you may have completely shattered your glass to the point you can no longer see what’s happening on your phone’s screen.
You may be tempted to buy one of those inexpensive fix-it-yourself kits on the Internet to save money. Don’t do it!

Worst case scenario: you break your phone by damaging one of the fragile components under the glass. You should know that iPhones, iPads and Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets are complex electronic devices and there’s a lot you can unintentionally do to damage them. For example, what you may think of when we talk about an iPhone replacement screen is really 3 layers: the glass front, a digitizer attached to the glass and finally, an LCD. One wrong jab with a screwdriver can render your cell phone useless. Don’t take the chance. There’s no risk for having us a take a look – with a free diagnosis and a lifetime warranty on repairs, you can’t lose.

We’ve just covered the 2 most common types of iPhone, smartphone and tablet damage. Some of the other common repairs we offer include:

- Battery replacement
- Port repair/replacement
- Performance issues
- Viruses
- Camera repairs
- LCD Replacement
- Headphone jack replacement
- Hard drive repair/replacement

Common Game Console Problems

Does your PlayStation turn itself off in the middle of your high score? Does your Xbox One motion sensor stop responding to your gestures?
The truth is, if you’ve had your gaming system for a year or more, you may be tempted to chuck it and buy the latest and greatest version. In most cases, though, your game console can be fixed for less money than you think. Before you drop another $300 or more on a new game system, you should bring it in and let us take a look. Chances are we can get it back up and get you gaming again in a short amount of time.

Much like with your cell phone, smartphone or tablet, you may be tempted to turn to the Internet to fix it yourself

. Don’t do it! The Internet is full of bad information and game consoles are complex electronic devices. If you attempt a repair yourself, you could break your game system for good. When you bring it to the experts at Repair Genius, you can rest easy knowing that your game system will be fixed right the first time.Free Diagnostic Services If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your device, don’t worry. We offer free diagnostic services! Call us for an appointment and we’ll check it out. Our mission We give you a lifetime warranty on all our repairs for as long as you own the device. We also guarantee the lowest price on all repairs. We’ll match any competitor’s price! Not all Electronics repair companies offer that.

Serving all of Orlando and East Orlando and all of the Central Florida Area

Conveniently located minutes from UCF, we specialize in helping anyone on a budget save money by offering quick, expert iPhone repair, Android repair, Smartphone, computer repair, game system repair, TV repair, and more, as an alternative to replacement. Whether you dropped your iPad and need a replacement screen, or dropped your smartphone in the pool and need water damage repair, we can get your device up and running, sometimes even while you wait.

Aside from saving you money on replacements, repairing your device is the green thing to do! Don’t add your smartphone, tablet, TV or PC to the garbage heap, check with us about repair first!
Contact Us Today for All Your Electronics Repair Needs If you’re in need of any kind of iPhone repair, PC repair, game system repair, tablet repair or TV repair, Computer Repair then come by and see us or contact our experts today. Our mission is to repair your device quickly, cost-effectively and right the first time. Don’t miss another text message on that broken iPhone!
With a free diagnostic check, the guaranteed lowest price and a lifetime warranty on all our repairs, you have nothing to lose. Call us at 407-636-3256, or come by our store

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